Toxic beliefs and negative thought patterns may be blocking our ability to tap into some potential.

When we subconsciously adhere to these thought habits, there’s that risk of living in autopilot.

Autopilot and the Subconscious

The way we think and make decisions is based on the framing that comes about as a result of what we are feeding our subconscious.

If we’re not aware of what we’re exposing ourselves to, we’ll be living a life in autopilot.

Scientists have said that 95 percent of what we do is a reaction of how that subconscious mind is programed.

Whatever the percentage may be, the fact that even some of our reactions are dependent on how the mind has been programmed is eye opening.

A set subconscious mind doesn’t authorize us to make changes too easily, especially if a habit of negative thinking is already in motion.

What we’ve got to do is hack our subconscious.

Here are a few suggestions in how we can go about doing this.

1.) Positive Mind Shift

Positive thinking isn’t going to solve every problem that gets thrown at us. Life is tough.

It is empowering to remember though that every waking hour of the day, we have the power of conscious, calculated thought.

This awareness gives us the opportunity to put in the effort to generate positive thoughts if we choose to get disciplined in our thinking.

Negativity is easy, and because this is so, it’s not easy to break out of autopilot and come to awareness of the changes that need to be made.

But it would be better that these changes came sooner rather than later because when we let negative energy brood in our subconscious, we’re letting the formation of false beliefs shape our reality.

All in all, positive thinking does make a difference.

We may feel that positive thoughts or gratitude seem out of place in our sometimes worried mind, but even if it’s just an attempt, that’s good enough.

We can find comfort in feeling that resistance to change because it’s an indication that the process of undergoing a positive mind shift has begun.

2.) Imagination Hacking

By visualizing a scenario or outcome, and infusing this outcome with emotions, we can program our subconscious mind to veer in that direction.

Problems arise when we misuse imagination.

For example, those times we see in our minds eye disaster, failure, and inadequacy.

So the key is imagining, or visualizing, a happy future.

The subconscious doesn’t know what is really happening and what is being imagined.

In other words, imagining having good vibes in the future can cause good vibes to be generated in the present.

3.) Reframe 

Reframing is the method of changing our mind’s perception of a certain event, memory, or person, into a perception that will positively benefit the current reality.

This doesn’t mean being in denial – it means detaching from all those negative charged emotions relating to the past so that we can understand it more clearly.

This gets us out of autopilot over time as our perceptions can gradually become more positive.

By training ourselves to constructively evaluate our experiences, we’ll be allowed to overcome emotional blockages that may be interfering with good vibes.

4.) Mindfulness

Through mindfulness – being present – it’ll be possible to enter a state of mind conducive to overall awareness and improvement.

When we place too much weight or judgment on our thoughts, this weight can be somewhat suffocating and impede us from letting go of stuff that can be emotionally draining.

Let’s not give thoughts that much power.

Instead, we can be present.

This means to live life as if it’s an experience rather than always having to make exhausting judgement calls on people, situations, and ourselves.

Life is an experience and sometimes that mental chatter brings us away from that experience into our own detached world.

Living in a mindful state helps us see thoughts as they really are, just waves in passing.


It takes patience and discipline to make the necessary changes towards positive awareness, but as we have more a say in creating our own realities, we come to understand that it’s worth it.

7 thoughts on “Autopilot”

  1. With my first glance at the title my curiosity was piqued and I had to click on the link to see what was involved…

    The advice given in this post was useful for me and I am sure others…

    Too many people are stuck in a cycle that is bringing them nothing but negativity and unhappiness…

    Implementing the tools you provide that include making a positive mind shift, using some imagination hacking, reframing events/feelings/problems, and practicing mindfulness regularly we can change our entire life…

  2. Hey Jon,

    Finally I found a great personal development blog! Such a clean website and easy to navigate.

    Anyway, back to the topic. I definitely agree with what you have to say. I’ve been doing some personal development techniques or energy practices (and went through certain seminars on that matter), and it’s definitely a good idea to be mindful and stay conscious of everything that you do.

    I remember in order to make sure that I stay mindful, I would take matches and break them at a particular minute (7:04pm for me) every day and try to do so for 30 days. You will be surprised how hard that is! Haha

    But it’s amazing for the purposes of creating higher awareness in one’s life. Try it!

    You can find me at Kasotty Online Business Blog & Life In Kaizen Style Blog (actually on personal development too).

  3. Hi there,

    Excellent website and article. I certainly agree with many of the points especially number 4, which is difficult to achieve on a regular basis be right there in that moment and fully aware. I believe, from my experience being mindful, at a high level of state is or fairly close to higher conscious awareness.

  4. Wow! How inspiring! your page has a lot of insight on what really could be going on, and how you need to “snap out of it”. Its too easy to get caught up in everyday life, same routine.


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