Game Plan

We’ve all had that feeling of being stuck.

It wasn’t that we didn’t have a direction or course to put forth effort – we just weren’t getting our stuff done.

Most the time we don’t really know what hit us ..

Here are some steps to finding self motivation to get back to taking action.


Think about the situation. Why is it there is a lull in the progress of whatever it is we are undertaking. This could be in work, personal development, or any other aspect of life.

We are not where we want to be right now because of something. Understand what that something is. Introspect as to why there is no work being put in.

Compelling Vision

After we analyze what we need to do to improve, we can go on to the next step, which is creating a compelling vision for ourselves and our goals.

By doing this, we’ll attach positive meaning to what it is we’re doing.

As we look ahead into the future with this positive mindset, with purpose in what we’re doing, we’ll start to separate all the noise in our life with what really matters.

We’ll value our time and let go of some habits, activities, and thoughts that are not serving us in helping reach our goals.

It’s important to hold a compelling vision in our mind because when we do feel discouraged, the positive vision of the future will give us the motivation to keep going.

Game Plan

To make that compelling vision a reality, we’ll need to create a game plan.

For this plan to have any kind of impact, goals need to be made.

These goals’ve got to be realistic, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dream big.

It means that we should establish goals that are doable, that we can complete on the day to day.

Those small victories will give us fuel for even bigger successes in the future.

As we accomplish these small victories through doable goals, we’ll create positive work habits and all these small things will add up in the long run and turn into milestones of achievement while giving us a surge of momentum.


As we develop these positive habits and consistently take action towards our ideal, we’re going to feel a surge of motivation and purpose.

This surge is momentum and it’s going help us achieve our goals by bestowing energy to us and give us that edge we need to take it to the next level.

The worst possible thing to do during one of these momentum moments is to stop.

We will be tempted to slow down and not require as much of ourselves when things are going well, but we shouldn’t give up the momentum we have. It was worked for.

Not taking advantage of momentum can result in a loss, as holding ourselves back from reaching even bigger heights can cause us to forfeit unseen opportunities.


If we find ourselves in the position of being stuck, let’s remember to take some time to think about what we want, visualize up a bright future, create a game plan, and set reasonable goals.

Once those goals are being worked at everyday, we can use the momentum to our advantage and let it push us towards the life we want.

21 thoughts on “Game Plan”

  1. Absolutely love this. I regularly struggle with self motivation. Sometimes life can get very tedious! Love how you broke it into categories – it compelled me to read on and finish. Took some very handy tips from this also. Great writing, very knowledgeable and exciting. I’ll be sure to stay tuned

  2. Very good content. I actually when through all these steps after graduating college and it led me to realize that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and travel the world. I believe it is very important to self reflect and often times college kids get so caught up in school and grades that they never realize what they truly want until college is over.

  3. Hi there,

    What a nice article, I really enjoyed reading it!
    I’ve been through your site and have read some of your articles and I found this sentence so beautiful,( I would rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not) Just love it!
    However, I come back to your article and I remember my father saying, you have to know what you want in life, this is the key to happiness and success and I am sure he was right!
    Thank you for this awesome article

    • I also love that quote – And yes, your father is right .. if we have clear goals then I believe that we’re that much closer to fulfillment

  4. Great, great, great post. Very motivating and really helpful to figure out ways to get back our lost motivation. Of course the motivation is going to come from within and even if we ask for help, in the end it is us that make the change and find again self motivation. Thanks for this amazing article! Keep writing!

  5. Goals are definitely important. Without goals, we don’t know what direction we are going in, so we are just blindly sailing in a chaotic storm. If we have goals, we know where to aim our ship.

    But we also need self-discipline. If you are working on a project, have clear tasks that you want to complete, and a routine of time that you spend on it. Also, try to avoid getting distracted. If you think of other things while you are working, write them down in a file for looking at later after you have finished what you were doing. I do this and it works very well, even though it’s simple.

  6. Hi its Alexey.
    I had a good read. Thanks for a wonderful post about self motivation. To be honest I am motivating myself every time I feel down.
    Sometimes people will prefer to ignore the lack of motivation instead of fixing it and attacking their goals and tasks.
    I highly agree with you on the momentum: without taking an advantage on the momentum our “life” will stop from growing and evolving into a better version of ourselves.

  7. Hello there,
    This is just the article I needed today. Yesterday, I really struggled finding motivation even after trying a few techniques. Usually, I am able to accomplish the task without thinking of putting it off, but I was struggling. The important thing to remember is that each day is a new day and try to make today a little better than yesterday.

  8. I really struggle with motivation to do some things sometimes, especially now that I’ve become a mother and my main focus are my children.
    I like that you have presented how to find our self-motivation process in several clear steps.
    It looks easy to go through them and find results (especially when you know what exactly you need to do) so I would give them a try very soon, maybe in the next few days.

  9. This post is really useful, thank you. I often struggle with motivation during both the worst times and also during the best times.
    These practical tips are invaluable for anyone looking to pick themselves up out of whatever situation they may be in. I will have to bookmark this so I can come back here next time the inertia seems too great for me to get moving.

    • I like what you said about how we all struggle with motivation in the best times and the worst – that’s a hard part of life. The best bet is to just stay focused and keep gringind no matter the circumstance

  10. Great post and I atm sure on a subject that all of us can relate to.

    Thank you for talking us through this and helping us to put some perspective on this aspect.

  11. Hi JON! Like your website. I just read your post. Now I now you just need to plan everything step by step and reach your goals. Even if I fail at list I now I tryed not wasted 🙂

  12. Great site here, I love what you stand for and that you’re helping people be the best they can be. This post is awesome and I especially love 2 and 3. I think this is so key, to establish why you want to do something and then create a plan so that you can take the correct course of action. That might actually be another point to include, take action, so many people dream, set goals, wish, but don’t actually DO!

  13. I loved reading this because its basically all I talk about. Your own mind can make or break you depending on how you see the world. But you’re right, whenever you feel down you must always look at what you want out of life. Can’t ever feel happy or content with your current situation. You know there’s people out there who fear to succeed too much? The important thing to remember is that whatever you think you become. The book “The Secret” explains this perfectly. It’s the law of attraction.


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