The secret in how to achieve a goal is to make it personal.

We can do this by having a:

1. Personal Vision – That future we hold in our minds of who we want to become, what it is we want to accomplish, and how we can contribute.

Those good vibes we feel as we have that positive vision of tomorrow can give us the extra push we need.

2. Personal Why 

How do we set the right goals?

It’s not going to be in focusing on outer expectations. We’ve got to dig deep and find why it is we’re doing something.

As we break down why we do certain things, we can be guided in our decision making and goal setting because we’ll soon see that there are certain things we resonate with.

True North

Our own intuitive leaning towards whatever area we’re vibing is a great path to take.

As we build ourselves up in confidence by increasing our skill level in relation to what we’re into, we’ll be able to contribute and develop faith that things’ll be good.

It is on this path where we can be alright with the failures that come with trying new things because of the realization that there’s always room for growth.

It’s on this path where learning and improving becomes a fulfilling process.

A Risky Path

We can put our intuition and interests aside and focus on what others expect us to do.

We’ll then start in a direction in which the compass only points where the opinions of family, peers, society, or superiors are directing it.

This is safe, but it’s also risky.

We may think, Risky? There doesn’t seem anything risky about it.

When we turn our backs on something that means a lot to us and don’t develop and use our talents, the great Les Brown describes this turn of events as a kind of spiritual suicide.

When thinking in these terms, yes, this path is very risky, so risky that we’re talking about the diminishment of our drive and inspiration.

This’s what happens when we have that vision of a greater life for ourselves, but don’t take action towards that ideal.

So how can we make sure that our goals are personal so we don’t fall into that kind of trap?

Where Did the Goal Come From?

When taking part in some sort of endeavor that requires effort and time, it’s important to take a step back and ask where the goal came from.

Something cool to understand is that if there’s a push towards the goal (something I do because I have to), versus a pull (I do it because it inspires me), there might be clarification as to whether a goal is truly ours.

If the Goal is not Yours, it’s Someone Else’s

Chasing a goal that doesn’t derive from within ourself means that it’s someone else’s goal, a societal norm, a plan of some corporate entity, etc. .

It’s plain to see how authenticity can become deluded in the pushes of these external forces.

These forces can cause us to take part in something we didn’t sign up for.

This is likely to happen if we are dependent on the pull of external stuff, so instead, we’ve got to go inward.

Know Yourself

If we don’t get to knowing ourselves; if we don’t create our own goals of what it is we want out of life, we’ll be caught off guard with every external change of differing opinion that comes our way.

Authentic Goals

Once we set goals that really resonate with us, there will be more of a pull factor in our attitude of the endeavor.

We’ll be pulled to our vision, what we want out of ourselves, our relationships, our jobs, and extracurriculars.

Once personal goals are envisioned, it’ll drive us to focus on our personal development.

As value is increased in ourselves by developing our skills, by fostering a positive mental attitude, we’ll be more likely to attract opportunity.


There’s a gap in some aspect of life of the current results and desired results for everybody.

Nobody is perfect. For some the gap is huge, for others, they are close to a desired result.

There are problems that come with not putting in the effort to reach our goals and closing these gaps.

When we don’t make the effort to do our stuff, it’ll be numbing, it’ll be sad, and it’ll eat at us.

This’s good because it gives us the motivation to get up and get going.

But we’ve got to be careful because if we don’t get up and get going, the negative vibes get strong as inactivity ensues.

Let’s do ourselves a favor and start working on that thing.

That thing we were going to do, but our doubts tell us no.

Forget the doubts, acknowledge the fear, and go for it anyways.

15 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. I agree with the idea that goals must be personal and come from our own why – which shouldn’t come from anyone else. Once we remove all influence from parents, friends, society or whomever we feel has certain expectations of us, we begin to see more clearly what it is weeee want. So I think this is absolutely key and you hit that on the nail. It is very difficult to achieve goals or even make much progress when you are living for others or for some idea that you think sounds good. First steps towards getting where you want to go is to truly find that self-awareness. Thank you!

  2. I read….
    How to achieve personal goals.
    This world definitely needs a lot more positive attitude theses days. At least here in Michigan where I live. lol.
    Any way I liked your site.

  3. Achieving personal goals seems to be pushed to the back burner a lot of the time! Remember to take time for yourself and determine where YOU want to go in this life.

    Your post has done a great job outlining what it means to achieve personal goals. Going with your “gut” feeling is almost always the right decision. At least in my case.

    Great job on the site! Good luck!

  4. I think your site hits on what many people miss when trying to reach their goals. It seems that we often lose sight of our true intention and never fully understand the connection between our goals and what we intend. Sometimes our selfish nature gets in the way and we don’t clarify our goals and I think this may get in the way of the universe providing us with what we want or need at that moment.

  5. Hi Jonn,

    I also made a similar article about this, though it focuses more of owned business goals. One of the things I wrote is that you have to have clear set of goals. It is like creating a business plan that you want to achieve. There must be a vision, a mission and the values you should have as an attitude that you will incorporate to yourself to put yourself in the position to win.

  6. I could not agree with you more! I spent too long in a job and a direction I was not very convinced about or had any real passion for. In fact, the job was a form of depression for me. I feel many years of my life in my 30’s were wasted and I feel regret about that. Thankfully I have come to my senses and feel I am living a more authentic path now. Externally ‘society’ and past work mates may look at my life right now and think I have made a mistake. And sometimes my ego gets me down with this thought. But in the bigger picture of things, I feel so much more conviction about what I am currently doing in life than I have ever felt before, and that gives me a sense of lightness. Thanks for your post.

  7. You have made a huge point! Personal goals maybe is one of the most misunderstood issues of human life. We have taken for granted, at some point, that life is about working and struggling with all the consequences of the modern life. We must learn that life is, that every moment it manifests itself and that we have lo live it now, this will lead us to know ourselves faster, get the personal vision and maintain it present every day.
    Wonderful thoughts, thanks for sharing.

  8. I have set a lot of personal goals and I know you are coming from a more self-development aspect then something external. But where I am having difficulty is more of an external outcome.
    After establishing a consistany of self-development I expect a external return on my investment and time well spent on things that I desire in life.
    When I don’t see any physical or monetary return it makes me question my personal goals if they are authentic and obtainable for me anyways.
    Even though I have these feelings I do keep pushing forward waiting for that bright tunnel at the end of my journey.

    • that’s something that I wonder about too. tony robbins says: “It’s not what we get out of life that makes us happy, it’s who we become.” So I’d like to think that there’s a lot of transferable skills and energy and development of willpower that goes with chasing a goal, and even if we don’t see monetary gains or external recognition or rewards, we know that we built ourselves up for the future and direct ourselves in a way that will have external payoff later on

  9. Hi .I would agree that achieving our goals must come us deep down. Trying to achieve goals for the wrong reasons, such as pressure from others won’t leave you with much satisfaction. I believe that really need to soul search for what it is we really want. Great post!


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