In life, things don’t always go as planned.

Sometimes we’re just left sitting with our thoughts.

In these down moments, no matter the setback, there is always a decision to be made, and that is where we’re putting our attention.

How we handle failure is an indicator of whether we’ll allow ourselves to grow in the future. If our outlook is negative and is keeping us from doing what we need to do, we have the power to change that outlook.

When we understand the true effect that negativity has on us, we’ll want to put in the effort to resist it.

Negativity Impedes Growth

When we have a negative attitude, we shut ourselves off to the opportunities that can enable growth. The reason negativity impedes progress is because it generates negative beliefs about ourselves and what we are doing. These negative vibes are for sure not going to serve us.

If we have that positive mental attitude in the face of failure, we’ll be open to the idea that we have to learn and adapt. This mindset will help us in our development.

Negativity Can Become a Habit

A big part of negative thinking is that we can program our mind to it do it. That’s right .. getting down on ourselves can actually become a habit if we’re not careful.

Anytime we do, say, or think, we are conditioning ourselves.

Keeping ourselves in check is important if we don’t want to fall into these negative habits. These patterns can cause anger, cynicism, fear, and addiction.

To prevent these negative thinking habits from messing with us, we can learn focus and meditation practices that will help us be more aware of our thoughts.

Negativity Gets us Stuck In the Comfort Zone

A comfort zone can become more of a prison than a place of refuge.

Negative thinking convinces us that we shouldn’t seek for something more.

When we are in our comfort zone for too long, we start to attribute our lack of action to who we are as a person.

We stigmatize ourselves and say, “It’s just not me .. I don’t do stuff like that” or  “I’m a procrastinator” “I was born lazy.”

Our stagnation leads to a belief in these deceptions.

Let us instead develop beliefs that are empowering.

Let’s channel all the mind energy we can muster to a more positive place so we can make manifest the power of positive thinking.

What’s cool about the attempt at positive thinking is that it can lead to longterm positive beliefs that will be there to assist us in times of need.

Negativity Causes us to Visualize Failure

The worst part about negative thinking is that it fuels negativity.

This can easily lead to the point where we are actually visualizing scenarios of failure.

When this happens, it can be subtle and we may not even realizing that it’s going on, so we’ve got to be on guard.

We know how powerful the mind is.

So when we find ourselves in that state of fear and start to visualize what we don’t want to happen, let’s come to awareness and counter it with positive visualization.

Gratitude goes a long way in prepping for positive visualization.

Think about the achievements you’ve had in the past.

Once you’re feeling those good vibes, start to imagine your vision of a hopeful future. This can turn the whole day around.


If any of us do find ourselves in a state of deep negativity, whether it be because of negative circumstances, a feeling of uncontrollability, or relapse, what’s most important is seeking support and love from those closest to us, and professional help if necessary.

Even though the road may seem difficult, we have the power and freedom to make attempts to resist negative vibes, even if it’s in small ways.

Monitoring our negative thoughts and lending more focus on the good is a learning process that takes a lot of energy, but this can pay huge dividends in the future.

20 thoughts on “Negativity”

  1. forgive me if I seem over the top but wow wow wow what a delightfull post that was. FFFFFFFFuuuuuuuuuullll of valuable advice that I feel the reader will definitely be seeking when they land on your page. I really enjoyed reading it and you as the writer come across as an authority on the subject and I bet that you are newish, right. Any how an absolutely superb effort mate and good luck with it.

  2. Hello Jon, you seem to be writing with your heart. Blogging is all about connecting with people. You are reaching out to make a positive difference. I love that you are making a positive footprint in the internet. There is so much hate out there… 🙁

    I also like the layout you’ve chosen. It feels peaceful.

    Best of luck!

  3. Your site is very inspirational. such good information. I enjoyed reading through it and the quotes. its well set up and I really learned from it. great site I will have to refer back to it because I have a problem myself getting stuck in the negative and need to learn more positive ways of life.

  4. You are so right, negativity is every where and all day long. It has become a struggle for what seems like most people. Very little good news is heard. I think this contributes greatly to bad attitudes.

    You pick up the paper it’s bad news. Turn on the TV and it’s the same thing. It’s a struggle some days to maintain a good and positive mental attitude.

    If one is careful it will become habit. So you do have to hold on to the good things in life.

    Very good post.

    • That’s really true, It feels like most the time, the external world is such a negative place, so it’s important to fight to make a place for positivity.

  5. Negative thinking is definitely a bad habit pattern that keep us stuck in a rut and eventually can lead to despair and depression.

    Sometimes it seems like we love to feel miserable and over-emphasis our perceived lack of power which is how we end up stuck in our comfort zones.

  6. Thanks for creating a website that speaks on this topic, I believe that in order to move forward it is important to change the way we . I remember when I was a person who allow my self to get like that sometimes but it is good to look at things no matter how negative it may seem at times from a different angle. I like the reasons that you gave here I believe that this website will be and inspiration to those who come here. Good job

  7. Great easy going article. Getting stuck in the comfort zone is especially a big one in my opinion. I work a lot with people as I am an NLP coach. Often they find themselves in a loop of negativity and their habits keep them there. Great article. You give easy insight. Writing this stuff in an easy manner is tough to do.

  8. Excellent article to read and i think a lot of people need to read this and realise what negative thoughts can really do to your well being. The comfort zone is defiantly the worse thing when it comes to achieving your goals. I feel this holds a majority of people back.

  9. I love to read these kind of articles. As a person who had lots of hard things that happened in my life, I got myself into negative thinking although I’m working to get out of this never ending circle. It surely becomes a habit in very easy and secret way. You cannot notice when exactly that happens.
    I guess only consciously when a situation arises you have to learn to notice what thoughts are in your head and switch them.


  10. Negativity is everywhere. I am a positive person and I believe you attract positive vibes. You have to be grateful and have a positive attitude and the outcomes will show proof. I run from negativity and people associated with it. I don’t even watch the news anymore because every story is negative.

  11. Hello here. Negativity can be changed to the better state such as acceptance and later to positivity.
    We need analyze why we are in this mode, why it happened.
    I never saw sad child. Humans somehow develop this habit to be negative. Some of us enjoy this state and sometimes stuck forever.
    You are right that we can change attitude. Turning to different direction we can find out that the world is neutral. We can see it in positive light or in negative.
    It depends on how we are willing to move on and change everything for good.
    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.


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