When motivation seems to have disappeared, we sometimes feel that it’s unlikely to return. We feel stuck and it appears that there’s nothing good in sight.

Overcoming a lack of motivation could start with acknowledging that we’ve hit a wall that has completely knocked us down and out.

After being down on the ground for awhile we may start to get a bit comfortable, and we don’t make the effort we should to get back up.

Life is gonna hit us hard, but we gotta hit back harder.

Here are some methods to use to fight back.

Embrace Failure and Imperfect Circumstances

When we take action towards our goals, it’s an act of faith.

We don’t know if things are going to work out exactly how we’ve pictured, but if we’re putting in work towards our ideal, it’ll develop our character.

Character development is something that nobody is going to see.

When you fail, people will just see the outer you.

They don’t know that you’ve just created some positive work habits that is soon going to bring you to the next level.

They don’t know that you’ve adopted a positive mindset.

They don’t see the resiliency you’ve developed as a result of all the effort.

You are better than you were.

See Further Than the Present Moment

Being goal oriented means we acknowledge the lessons learned from the past and that we are drawn to a positive future.

When we’re looking towards the future, are we feeling a sense of insecurity and fear, or are we hopeful?

A part of the brain called the reticular activating recognizes around us what ever it is we put our focus on.

If it’s fear, our subconscious is going to look for the negative.

On the other hand, as we keep a positive view of the future, we’ll start seeing the blessings we already have and acknowledge the hope that there’s much more to come.

Use pain

Something tough happened and it’s got us down.

Hardship sometimes leads to pain that can paralyze us from taking further action. Things start to feel a bit hopeless.

Life is tough, emotions are tough, circumstances are tough, and this pain can hurt us.

But at the same time, we can use this pain to motivate us.

We can use the energy to drive us to better ourselves.

Ralph Marston says,

Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.

All that channeled energy can go into putting in work.

In this respect, pain can be a blessing in disguise.

Change What is Changeable

When we fall short in certain areas of life, we come to the realization that we have room for improvement.

Even so, we still have that temptation to wish away the problems and hope that external circumstances change.

As we fall into a passive hope for change, we’re giving up a great opportunity for positive change in ourselves.

We can be tempted to focus on that which we can’t change.

It’s easy to cast blame on what’s going on around us and the choices of other people because it makes it easier to reconcile with the tough situations while not having to look at our own shortcomings.

But when it comes to changing the things that we can, it’s more difficult because then we’ll have to face ourselves.

What makes it easier to face ourselves when improving is being in a growth mindset with the realization that change is inevitable, so we might as well change for the better.

Skill Development and Goals

A lot of whether or not we are going be inspired on the daily depends on the small successes we take part in.

As we’re out in the pursuit in chasing our ideal, it’s important to not get lost in the noise.

When there are distractions, we can be prone to leave our interests and talents behind because of the allure of short term internet dopamine hits.

But if we keep our guard up and recognizing distractions in our lives when we see them, thing’ll be good.


It comes down setting goals and mastering the skills that are required to achieve the goal.

As we go for it, continue our self development, and are appreciative of blessings, the future will be bright.

Let’s harness that energy that comes with the dissatisfaction from the trials of life so we can get next level.

9 thoughts on “Determination”

  1. Looking into the future is one of the best possible ways to motivate people. Thanks so much for the great tips!!

  2. You definitely are spot on with this article. We all at times in our lives get knocked down. The question is are you willing to get back up and battle through the problem at hand. I agree 100% with you when you said that you have to embrace failure. I think, by doing this, you will grow because you will take the lesson you learned from that failure and apply it going forward, thus not making the same mistake and will grow as a person. Personally I try to take one thing each day to motivate myself and try to accomplish it, or at the very least, get closer to it. Great job!

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m with you on trying that one thing a day to stay motivated. For me it’s either reading a passage of a good, motivating book, or watching a motivational video, just something that will put me in a good mindset.

  3. Hi! Such a powerful article that you wrote. It’s interesting that just today I read another aritcle. Being forthright she let everyone into the fact that she suffers often from debilitating back pain. However instead of giving up, her message is that she uses this pain as a source of fuel to keep her going.

    Some of the words that were written in your powerful poem-like prose echoed those same sentiments.
    I especially loved what was mentioned about the “reticular activating system” in a person’s brain that serves as a sort of light beacon. When you think negative thoughts or fear than subconsciously, because of that part of the brain regarding its functionality you will start to look for negative thoughts/ideals/activities/experiences wishing that they will continue to take place. It also works towards the opposite end of the spectrum – having positive thoughts as well. Regarding the human brain, this would be something that people reading this article need to understand completely in order to be able to accomplish positive things in their lives.

    Life often is not easy. There are challenges around every corner.

    As you stated so well often achieving success involves a person having to overcome a lack of motivation along the way.

    A superbly written article and one that would act as a source of inspiration to your readers!


    • Thanks, I like how you expounded on the reticular activating system, something I had just read about. I hope to research more about these kinds of things. Wish you well!

  4. Hey man,
    I feel that what you have written in this post is very true. Fortunately for me I have been blessed with extraordinary self motivation and ambition, but unfortunately my friends lack it! I will for sure redirect them to this and make sure they read it, I know they will become motivated with a little help!

  5. The first part of your article is very important. Embracing and acceptance has been the most important thing in my life to becoming successful. Sounds counterproductive to most people who always view imperfect circumstances as terrible. It is also important to set goals to know where you want to be in the future 🙂


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