When there’s a setback, we sometimes get a bit disappointed, and perhaps become desperate for better circumstances.

This distress could then turn into a sense of hopelessness that drains our energy.

Setbacks can cause us to lose confidence in our abilities, and this is why we put our goals on the back burner.

It is here that our negative attitude is sabotaging us.

We think and think and think, until we are programed to think the way we’re thinking.

Thought Awareness

Thoughts have the power shape our lives.

As we understand that how we think leads to emotions and thought patterns that shape our subconscious mind, which ultimately has a lot to do with our actions, we’ll want to fight for our minds.


Having an attitude adjustment has to do with changing our mindset in order to generate thoughts that are strong and positive, thoughts that the shape the mind in a desirable way.

Focusing our thoughts on that which is good and positive requires discipline and energy.

Even if we feel like our attitude isn’t so great, the small degrees of effort and change we do put in will be helpful, as many problems are mental in nature.

Stretching Ourselves

Our primitive brain is wired to reject the unfamiliar as we go through life trying to minimizes uncertainty at all cost.

As we resist the unknown, we take mediocrity over uncertainty.

Denise Park says,

“It seems it is not enough just to get out and do something — it is important to get out and do something that is unfamiliar and mentally challenging, and that provides broad stimulation mentally and socially.”

In other words, if we are out to maintain a positive attitude and create goals, we’ve got to be willing to get out of our comfort zones.

The only kind of growth that can take place is out of the comfort zone.


When we get our mind right, other things start to get right too.

Maintenance of our internal world is something that could have precedence in our lives if we make it so.

This domain is an area that covers things like thoughts, actions, and attitudes, etc. . things that can sometimes be tough to manage in the day to day hustle.


Each day consist of hundreds of moments.

Moments are powerful because in each passing one there is the potential in putting in the effort to direct our inner worlds.

While harnessing the small moments of the present, we can make things happen.

Thought Choice

A stream of thought is flowing in our minds at every given moment.

We can let it flow, or we can be proactive and choose gratitude and hope.

As we are consistent, we can adapt our lives in a great way to the new mindset we have nurtured.

This can light our kindling and enable us to put in work.

Taking a Stand

Sometimes stuff gets to us. Distractions, sadness, disappointment, procrastination, and more.

It’s immobilizing and it makes things feel slow, e.g. kicking it on the sofa for too long, slacking with goals.

If this ever happens, we can stand up to ourselves.

Taking a stand happens in the moment we decide to take that stand.

It’s about deciding to become aware of our thoughts and habits and putting in that effort to change things up.

Taking that action puts us in a state of motion. In this state of motion, good vibes will be generated no doubt.


We’re all here in a moment.

In each moment we can go with the flow, but the flow will shape us.

What’s wrong with the flow?

It’s negative and it’s easy.

It’s us not taking charge of our inner world.

Instead of going with the flow, we can be resistant to what external stuff wants to make of us.

This may be tough.

Anything that requires us to step outside ourselves, step outside our comfort zones, is going evoke fear, self doubt, and uncertainty.

That’s why we’ve got to be fighters.

We fight to seize the moments life gives us.

It just takes one moment to change a direction of thought.

One moment to take action.

We don’t need to be worthy to put in work, we don’t have to be an expert to get started.

Let’s strive towards the version of ourselves in which potential’s been reached.

When we think in terms of what we can offer, it could be that kick starter we need.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts”

  1. Hi,
    The falls and rises are always something that come from within. It was great to read your article, the comparations and the way the people should take care of theirs inner world. Wish you inspiration and more interesting articles to follow. The language is accessible, the writing is inviting for lecture and the format of the page is simple but nice.

  2. Moments and thoughts are all part of our time here.

    Making the best use of our moments is making the best use of our time. This is never lost to the Universe.

    Big oaks, from little acorns, grow.

    At times we must release the thought process to turn the moment into action.

    The automatic function we possess is what separates us from the “machine”.

    Great post, John. Keep up the effort. Let those moments flow into action.


  3. All becomes one when the Sun comes to Earth my good brother! It’s best not to sweat the small stuff. Our lives are but a flick in the flame of time. Spread love not hate. Return no evil for evil. Go forth in love! Let the good vibes roll sir!


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