The Process

When putting in the work to better ourselves or improve our skills, there’s that time between the start and finish called the process.

We may want to skip the process because avoidance of struggle is easier, but if we bring this ‘means to an end’ attitude with us, we’ll get cheated out of enjoying the fruits that come out of the process.

Something that can be a game changer is looking at the process in a more positive light.

Respecting the Process

The process is a time to discover talents and learn, but it’s also a time when weaknesses can be magnified.

It’s good to note that brooding over the negativity generated in our mind as a result of our flaws won’t help.

Instead, we’ve got to use this exposé of what it is we need to work on to our advantage.

The realization that we’re being held back as a result of our shortcomings creates a healthy respect to the nature of the process.

This outlook can lead to positive change and a more hopeful outlook when coming face to face with our weaknesses.

Using the Process

When we mess up we realize that we’re either lacking in some aspect of our character, that we don’t have a skill set that was required – or come to some other important insight about ourselves or situation.

This awareness can get us down, but it can also get us pumped up to raise our standard.

This standard is the expectation we have for ourselves.

As we strive for this higher standard, priorities’ll fall into place.

If we’re without a standard and don’t expect anything from ourselves, it makes it a lot easier for distraction and procrastination to hijack our lives.

Beginning the Process

Whatever realm of personal development we wish to take on, we should realize that we’re going to feel something pulling us down. Some motivational speakers and authors call this resistance.

If we feel a lot of resistance, it indicates that the chosen endeavor is important for our personal growth.

Resistance gets to us the most by preventing us from taking the first step.

If we allow this to happen, it beats us even before we’re in the arena.

In fact, resistance is out there to make sure we never enter the arena because once we enter, we become its adversary.

But even though resistance is relentless, we can also be relentless.

The more we face resistance by beginning the process day after day, it’s not going to have the power it once did.


Jim Carrey said something cool –

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

Jim wishes that we could all get to the level of wealth and fame that he was able to get to so that we can see that fulfillment doesn’t come from stuff, titles, and money.

We can fall into that trap of relinquishing our ability to be happy by putting gratitude on reserve for a later time.

Good vibes don’t particularly have to come from receiving something external, or always having the desired end results.

The answer may just be in positively experiencing the process to the fullest and enjoying that progress.

4 thoughts on “The Process”

  1. Trusting the process can be very daunting at times. With the veil of the ego and its interference and fear based thinking. Stress then becomes inevitable, only with focus and then thereafter trust in the universe or in whatever it is you regard sacred can real progress begin.

  2. Very well written article and I did receive good vibes reading your article today, everything did make very good sense to me and is so true about the process we go through which makes us a better person.

    I have went through many years of difficult time, but I am a much better person because of it and I do appreciate things and people more now than in the past.


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